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    Full title Asia, is located north the eastern hemisphere, the area 44 million square kilometers, are a world area biggest continent.

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    Is located the eastern hemisphere northeastern part. East the mainland to the outstanding Japan Nepal Austria husband angle, winter solstice Pi Aijia, west to anxiously the angle, north to cuts Liu Si Jinjia. Northwest by the Ural sierra, the Ural river, the Caspian Sea, the caucasus mountains, Bose Prew the Si channel, Dardanelles Strait and the European dividing line, the southwest separates the The Suez Canal, red sea and Africa is neighboring, the southeast has a series of surrounds the mainland with the Oceanian close archipelago, northeast separates Bering Strait and North America faces one another.

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    The entire continent approximately take the Pamirs as a center, a series of big sierras to all around radiate extend to the continental margin. Has the world highest element to have "name of the roof of the world" Qinghai-Tibet Plain; world highest Mount Everest, elevation 8,848 meters; In the world the biggest plain - cubic centimeter uncle benefits the Asian plain; world lowest marsh land - - dead sea and so on.
Asia's many rivers, mostly the source to the middle mountain region, assumes radiated to all around flows in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Arctic Ocean. The Caspian Sea is the world first big lake, also is in the world the biggest salty water lake; Lake Baikal is in the world the deepest lake, the Asian biggest fresh water lake; The dead sea is in the world the lowest marsh land; The Lake Balkhash is simultaneously has the fresh water and the salty water interior lake.

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    The Asian mainland cross is cold, warm, the hot three belts. The weather pattern complex diverse, the monsoon climate typical and continental is remarkable.

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    The population 3.57 billion, approximately composes the world total population 60.6%, are most by the Chinese population. The person of Asian descent approximately composes above entire continent 3/5, next is the caucasian, the black kind of person are very few.

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    Asian existing 48 countries and area. Divides into East Aisa, Southeast Asia, the South Asia, west Asia, the central Asia in the geography and north Asia.

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