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Map of China

Note: This is not a complete map of China's territory.

Administrative Divisions

Beijing Municipality
Anhui Province
Chongqing Municipality
Fujian Province
Gansu Province
Guangdong Province
Guangxi Autonomous Region
Guizhou Province
Hainan Province
Hebei Province
Heilongjiang Province
Henan Province
Hong Kong S.A.R.
Hubei Province
Hunan Province
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Jiangsu Province
Jiangxi Province
Jilin Province
Liaoning Province
Macau S.A.R.
Ningxia Autonomous Regoin
Qinghai Province
Shaanxi Province
Shandong Province
Shanghai Municipality
Shanxi Province
Sichuan Province
Taiwan Province
Tianjin Municipality
Tibet Autonomous Region
Xinjiang Autonomous Region
Yunan Province
Zhejiang Province


Municipality: A city which is under direct administration of the central government.

Autonomous Region: An administrative region where the minority is the majority in the local government and congress.
S.A.R.: Special Administrative Region which pursues the policy of "One Country Two System".


Heilongjiang Province Jilin Province Xinjiang Autonomous Region Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Liaoning Province Beijing Municipality Tianjin Municipality Qinghai Province Ningxia Autonomous Region Gansu Province Shanxi Province Shandong Province Hebei Province Tibet Autonomous Region Hainan Province Ningxia Autonomous Region Hong Kong S.A.R. Macau S.A.R. Jiangsu Province Shaanxi Province Sichuan Province Henan Province Jiangsu Province Hubei Province Chongqing Municipality Anhui Province shanghai Municipality Zhejiang Province Jiangxi Province Hunan Province Guizhou Province Fujian Province Yunnan Province Guangxi Autonomous Region Macau S.A.R. Guangdong Province Hong Kong S.A.R. Taiwan Province Hainan Province Beijing Municipality Tianjin Municipality Chongqing Municipality Shanghai Municipality