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Region is a geographic term used in various ways among the different branches of geography. In general, a region medium-scale area of land or water, smaller than the whole areas of interest (which could be, for example, the world, a nation, a river basin, mountain range, and so on), and larger than a specific site or location. A region can be seen as a collection of smaller units (as in "the New England states") or as one part of a larger whole (as in "the New England region of the United States").

Regions are areas or spaces used in the study of geography. A region can be defined by physical characteristics, human characteristics and functional characteristics.

As a way of describing spatial areas, the concept of regions is important and widely used among the many branches of geography, each of which can describe areas in regional terms. For example, ecoregion is a term used in environmental geography, cultural region in cultural geography, bioregion in Biogeography, and so on. The field of geography that studies regions themselves is called Regional geography.

Regions are conceptual constructs and, thus, may vary among cultures and individuals.

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